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Terms of Service

Welcome to - Your micro job freelance community !

If you are ready to get started, the very 1st thing you need to know is that our group reserves the right to review every Job posting and email dialogue on the website to make sure that the content is appropriate. Due to the high volume of communication between our members, our group can take up to 24hrs to review and authorize each message.

So please keep the Job postings as professional, competitive and tasteful as possible. Any content involving any sorts of pornography, racial discrimination, defamation, etc will NOT be allowed and your Membership Registration will be revoked. Those looking to scam or defraud other registered users will NOT be tolerated. Our group tracks all IP addresses and we will report any fraudulent activity to national and international policing authorities. Cyber crimes are serious offences and you need to be aware that our group doesn’t take them lightly.



What is our Level Status for Buyers and Sellers ?

Level 1 Status for Buyers and Sellers

All Register Members start out at Level 1 Status.

Time to Save some Money! Time to make some Money!


Level 2 Status for Sellers

All Register Members who complete 10 successful Jobs on time and achieve a minimum rating of 90% will move to our Level 2 Status.

You have earned some bragging rights!


Level 3 Status for Sellers

All Register Members who complete 30 successful Jobs on time and achieve a minimum rating of 100% will move to our TOP RATED Level 3 Status.

You are a TOP PRODUCER and you know it !


What is our Service Handling Fee (Administration Fee) Admin Commission Fee deductions for those who wish to Sell or Post a Job on the Network ?

There is ...None!

COMMISSION FREE! (No Administration Commission Fee) and NO Monthly Membership FEE!

When you successfully complete a Job on the site, 100% of the funds from that transaction are credited to your account. does not charge an Administration Fee, like the other sites do. Now that is Smart!!

Q: So what is a Handling Fee, Administration or Commission Fee?

It is an additional fee for service (commission) that is deducted by an organization as a percentage from each Seller once a transaction has been completed. Lucky for all our Sellers, we do NOT collect such a Fee. Our Sellers actually get to keep More Money in their pockets. The way it should be!

Please note: ALL funds and transactions posted on the website are in Canadian Dollars.



All transactions between registered Sellers and Buyers must take place on the micro job website. You can NOT accept payments using any other method outside of the micro job website. If you fail to follow these rules, your account will be terminated and any funds in your account will NOT be returned. If you attempt to provide your personal email or other methods of communication other than your username through the web site, your account will be instantly suspended and/or terminated.

Our Rating System in Action

Every Seller's rating is their key to success! Our group posts all ratings, which are comprised of positive or negative feedback, along with comments (if posted). So keep in mind that everything counts.


Job Highlights, will at times, highlight jobs that we feel deserve special attention. These Jobs will be positioned on the first page on of website for all to review.


Our Registered Buyers

At we keep things simple, safe and secure. Our group accepts payments in the form of VISA, M/C, AMEX, eCheck and PayPal. You will not be asked to create milestone payments, on our site.

As a Registered Buyer interested in making a purchase from any of our registered Sellers on our micro job website, you must order the Job 1st and then make the payment in full, funds are then held by our group until the Job is completed. Once the Job is successfully completed and the funds have cleared, the money is quickly released into the Seller account.

You are NOT allowed to offer payments in any other form outside of our micro job website. If you do, your account will be Suspended or Terminated and any funds held by our group, at that time, will not be returned.

If you are contacted by a Seller and asked to transfer, deposit or make financial arrangements outside of our micro job website, please report it immediately to Our group will take immediate action, investigate, and if we find that the party in question has done so, their account will be immediately terminated and any funds held by our group, at the time, will not be returned.

If you place an order and decide to cancel it, provided that the Seller has not accepted your order it can be cancelled without it reflecting negatively. However once a Seller accepts an order from a Buyer, you will no longer be able to cancel your purchase. So if you have any questions please take the time to read the Jobs details and contact the Seller prior to placing your order.

If for some reason a Seller can't deliver the Job on time, they have the right to either cancel the Job (Buyer monies will be refunded) or request an extension for more time required, provided both the Seller and Buyer can agree on a fair time extension period.

Do not dispute or reverse a payment through PayPal, Visa, M/C or your bank. Doing so will get your account suspended. Rather, contact our group first at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

If you have issues, first try and work things out with your Seller. If you need further assistance, contact our group at

Order cancellations (when eligible) can be done by our group only up to a period of 24hrs after the completion date has surpassed. We will not be able to cancel orders after that time.

Make sure you describe your services or products in detail. Returns are not fun to deal with, so be sure your Buyer knows exactly what they are getting. Once work is delivered, the buyer has 24hrs to respond with concerns or the order will be marked as complete.


Our Registered Sellers

All Registered Sellers must set up (or already have) a PayPal  ( Account (simply link your PayPal email to our system) in order to Sell on the website. As soon as a Buyer orders a Job, the Seller will receive a notification email.

There is no need for you, the Seller, to ask for upfront partial milestone payments, as our group collects the total amount up-front from the Buyer. In addition, when you post a Job it will NOT cost you a thing to post the Job (like other websites) and will not expire (there is no time limit like other websites) therefore you will not be charged a fee to repost your Job over and over (like other groups). Our Commission FREE (no Administration Commission deductions) for Sellers means MORE MONEY for YOU! (unlike other websites that deduct 20%, 15% or even 5% from every Sale).

Sellers are required to meet the delivery duration in which they have specified when creating their Jobs. Failing to complete an order on time or as indicated in the Job description will open up an option for the Buyer to cancel the order. This will affect the Seller's rating. So try to manage your Jobs in a time sensitive, organized manor.

Note: Both Buyers and Sellers have the option to cancel or modify the time required to deliver a service or product provided if there is a mutual agreement in place. This will result in no negative results being posted to either party.


Cancelling a Job

Cancelling a Job should only happen when one can not perform the Job on time. If you are away on a holiday and cannot facilitate, it is recommended that you suspend your services from your control panel for all Buyers to see.

When a Buyer places an order for a Job the Seller has 24hrs to decide whether to accept the order or it will automatically be cancelled.

A Seller may cancel a Job at any given moment, however, please keep in mind that cancelling a Job will have a negative effect on the Seller's rating.

Mutual cancellation requests will be accepted after 48hrs of inactivity, not effecting a registers user's rating.


Shipping a Physical Item

All physical items sold on the micro job website are subject to additional shipping charges. Buyers are responsible for any additional duties, taxes, etc. When one purchases a physical item, the Buyer will be required to provide a valid shipping address to the Seller. The Seller is then responsible for arranging all shipping logistics once the Buyer supplies the address. does not monitor or guarantee shipping, tracking, quality or condition of items and shall not be deemed responsible or legally liable for any damages or other problems caused, directly or indirectly, from delivered items shipped from anyone.

Providing a tracking number is the proper way to avoid shipping disputes. Simply enter the tracking number in the order page once you are ready to ship the product.           


Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing your funds requires a valid PayPal account. Please be sure that your PayPal account is set up to receive incoming payments before withdrawing any funds. See

Funds are only made available for withdrawal after a safety clearance period of 5 business days has elapsed.

Withdrawals of funds cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has started.

All Funds are facilitated in Canadian Dollars.


Sales and Refunds


Buyers cannot request a refund after receiving the ordered services or product unless the service or product provided is not as described or noted in the Job listing.



We encourage Buyers and Sellers to try and settle any issues amongst themselves. Should you require mediation, all registered Sellers and Buyers can contact our group at for assistance.


Subject to Changes

Please be advised that our Terms of Service are subject to change at anytime and without notice.