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About Us

Welcome to ! ( pronounced " five spot " - Slang for a $5 dollar bill )

Our group believes that promotion of an individual’s Skill, Product or Talent on our micro job | Freelance Network is more than just the wave of the future.

It is already the way of the present!

One just has to experience the power of the Web, Social Media and

A place that can bring together individuals from all walks of life looking to showcase their skills and those who are willing to pay for those same skills for a small fee.

At our goal is simple. To provide a web based culture that is unique, fun, user friendly and keeps pace with the trends in technology.

All too often we are reminded that we live in very competitive times. Just think about all the hundreds of thousands of educated, talented, skillful people who are looking for employment every single day. We know the stories all too well. Whether it is a student, recent graduate or a seasoned professional who is looking for a career change. This is why our micro job | Freelance Network was created. To help people create and showcase innovative opportunities.

How can You or Your organization Connect within our Creative micro job platform?

Let us show You how!!